These are the songs I've been listening to while writing. Some are from previous Twilight Saga movies, and I was surprised to find  that some are on Stephanie Meyer's original playlists. I like to let Nessie talk in my head, and I know it sounds weird, but we have conversations about them. How they reflect her life situations as we progress through her story. Others I threw in there for myself, and I think about how they reflect current events in my life such as writing this. Some songs we share though, and the line is smudged between myself and Nessie.

Dare You to Move - Switchfoot
Requiem On Water - Imperial Mammoth
Love Will Take You - Angus & Julia Stone
Sweet Disposition - the Temper Trap
Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
Turning Tables - Adele
Dreams - The Cranberries

I also listen to a lot of my favorite classical. Don't worry though, it's definitely worthy of Ness's iPod.

Clair de Lune - Claude Debussy
Le Carnaval Des Animaux: Aquarium - Saint Saens
Le Carnaval Des Animaux: Le Cygne  - Saint Saens
New Moon (The Meadow) - Alexandre Desplat

     I'll add more as Nessie and I progress through our temporary lives together, until she is satisfyed with how I have told her neverending story.