Nessie's Room

     Yay! It's finally finished! I have designed a really simple layout for Nessie's room, based on what I can kind of see in my head. The only problem now is whether or not it's in the cottage, or the new house...wherever that is.... I think this is at the cottage, because in Breaking Dawn, when Bella briefly describes Nessie's soon-to-be room, she mentions a small tower.
     Nessie's room has light wood floors, and is done in dark blue, lavender, and white. She also has a humungo closet, courtesy of Alice, separated from her room by a curtain.

     If you want a closer look, just click on the picture.

     See the little spiral staircase in the upper right-hand corner? Well that's how Nessie gets up to the tower...

      Sorry about my sucky circular room making skills. The program I used didn't have a circular room option, so I had to make this one out of a square by warping the walls. It's harder than it seems!

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